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Welcome to Residence

UNB considers residence living to be part of a student’s total academic experience. Living in residence encourages the refinement of individual and group life skills, engenders concern for others, and helps residents develop a sense of community responsibility.

The purpose of this online guide is to inform students of the various services and policies which help to build and maintain the UNB Residence Community. Residential life at UNB aims to provide the student with an environment that encourages cultural, social, and intellectual growth within an academic context.

Fredericton Campus

Plenty of choices

There are fourteen residence houses at UNB: one men’s, one women’s, ten co-ed, one apartment style and one suite style.

The rooms are furnished with desks, bookshelves, wastebaskets, bulletin boards, beds, dressers, and wardrobes. Within each residence, lounges, study rooms, laundry and other facilities are also provided. Each resident, with the exception of those at Maggie Jean Chestnut and Suite Style, are required to participate in the residence dining program.

The residence community

The UNB Residence Community is administered by Residence Team Staff consisting of the Executive Director of Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services, the Director of Residential Life, Residence Coordinators and, in each house, a House Don – a faculty/staff member or senior graduate student – who lives in the residence.

The Don is assisted by Hall Proctors and Educational Proctors – senior undergraduates who help the students adjust to residence and university life. Additionally, each house elects a House Committee that works with the Residence Coordinator, Don, Hall Proctors and Educational Proctors to coordinate house social, educational, charity, and athletic activities.

The key to your success at UNB and enjoyment of residence is to get involved early and to stay involved.

Don’t be afraid to volunteer for a house committee or to help out at a house event. You can also participate in one of several residence-wide committees and get connected with other houses on campus. You will find that being involved keeps you aware of what’s going on, keeps you interested as a student, and will make the year truly special.

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Saint John Campus


The University of New Brunswick in Saint John offers two residence styles (traditional and suite style) which becomes a home for students from Canada and from all over the world – the Sir James Dunn and Dr. Colin B. Mackay residences.  Please explore our Residence Choices tab to the right for more information.

Your home, our community

Living in residence allows an opportunity to meet friends and Residence Life helps support student success by encouraging growth, educating character and enhancing the university experience.  Students living in both the Dunn and Mackay Residence are an easy walk from their classes, library, fitness facilities, food hall, bookstore and much more.  Both residences are security locked and, with only staff and residence students having keys to enter the buildings, it making them a safe living environment for residence students.  Please explore our Living in Residence tab on the right to explore further!

The Residence Advantage

From increased academic support, socials and activities, increased social networking, enhanced safety and security, accelerated growth and development, to comprehensive transitional support-find out why living in Residence is a decision you won’t regret!  Explore in detail the Residence Advantage!

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Université de Moncton

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Mount Allison University

We have nine on-campus residences, each with its own distinct personality and tradition. We also have several off-campus residences, once private homes which the University has converted to provide accommodations for students and conference guests. For more information about these residences please click on the link above which will take you to the Residence Office page. These accommodations are open to conference guests and visitors to the Tantramar Region from May until mid August. All of our residences are non-smoking.

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St. Thomas University


Living in residence is an important part of the university experience for many students. Residence is a place to develop life skills and lasting friendships.

For students leaving home for the first time, living in residence is a comfortable first step to successful independence. Residence rooms are equipped with wireless internet, cable services and free long distance calling within Canada. Each residence has shared study areas, TV lounges, laundry facilities and snack machines. Quiet hours are in place every day for study and sleep. Security staff is in residence between 9 pm and 5 am and a residence staff member is on 24-hour duty.

Dining Rooms

The campus dining rooms offer students healthy choices in nutritious Canadian and international dishes as well as vegetarian options. George Martin and Rigby Hall provide food services through Centre Stage (specialty meals), Grill Works (fast food), the Deli Corner (made to order panini and wraps), Nature’s Finest (salads and vegetarian dishes) and Itza Pizza (slices or whole pizzas). In Sir James Dunn Hall, there is a Tim Hortons serving muffins, bagels, donuts, sandwiches, juice and coffee. A Fair Trade coffee kiosk in Brian Mulroney Hall serves coffee, pastries and snacks.

Meal Plans

St. Thomas provides a full meal-plan to students who live in residence. Students living off-campus may also purchase a plan. All students have access to the same daily menus. Each meal plan uses a Student ID Card on a declining balance system. Students receive credits (equal to the amount of the meal plan they choose) at the beginning of the school year and every time they eat their card is scanned and the food purchase is deducted from their account balance. At the end of the year, students enrolled in Plans Two and Three are eligible for a partial refund (80%) on any unspent balance over and above the cost of Plan One. No refunds are available on Plan One. Off-campus students who do not purchase a meal plan can pay cash for meals and snacks at any food outlet.


All St. Thomas residences are patrolled by security on a daily basis from 9:00 pm until 5:00 am the next day. Security guards patrol all the buildings on upper and campus, both inside the buildings and the surrounding areas. While on patrol, the Residence Advisor on Duty will report any suspicious or suspect incidents or behaviour to the Security Officer on duty or Security headquarters. As well, security contact information is posted outside each Residence Advisor’s room door.

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Fredericton Campus

Miramichi Campus

Moncton Campus

Saint John Campus

St. Andrews Campus

Woodstock Campus


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Maritime College of Forest Technology

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